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Are we ready for a remote work model?

Remote work

Profile alignment

Performance Management System

Critical processes

Empowerment and supervision

Leadership and coaching

Remote work


A plan in 4 phases:

  1. Diagnosis

  2. Analysis

  3. Gap closure plan

  4. Accompaniment


How can we design a new work experience?

Remote work


Incorporating a healthy competitiveness

Incentivizing productivity

Gaming and productivity

Replicating habits virtually

Generating new habits

Well-being and fulfillment

Incorporating social and personal activities in the day to day
Incorporating personal development activities

Remote work


We support the design of
new behaviors and culture that
will make companies relevant
on a remote model

step 1

Analysis of the existing portfolio to identify opportunities. Review metrics, standards, projects and rental commitments.

Office space


Rightsizing office space is a great mean for realizing the financial benefit of remote work.

Step 2

Definition of employee mobility profiles. Analysis of the potential average and peak attendance to develop a realistic utilization plan.

step 3

Prepare supply scenarios considering quantitative (necessary area) and qualitative (types of spaces) aspects.

Step 4

Financial analysis for optimization and conversion of the existing space to a new standard aligned with the reality of remote work.

Remote work leadership

What do we do now with our office space?

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